Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Some new music

I've just got back from a weekend at home which was fabulous but fleeting unfortunately. I arrived back late last night and as I got off the bus I saw that the christmas lights had been put up at Galeries Lafayette. They are incredible. I've not got much to compare them to, coming from Hereford, but they really are amazing.

We went to Annie Mac at Motion on Friday and she played such good music. The only track I can remember is one by Katy B - Katy on a mission. I was told that this song has been around for a while now but this was the first time I've heard it. It's such a good tune! I haven't heard any music like it since being in France and I loved the change. And then today I saw a link to Adele's new song. Wow. I love her. It's such a good bluesy song. I can't wait for her new album. I don't know how to embed a video so here's a link to it: http://www.adele.tv/news/165/listen-to-rolling-in-the-deep

I have been listening to a French radio station called FIP which plays really good music and a really good mix of genres. So I've discovered a few new bands through that including a band I think are great called Felipecha. Check out their songs 'Un Petit Peu D'air' and 'Matin du Café'. And a Lithuanian singer called Alina Orlova who is a little Kate Bush-y i think. I like the song Menulis and her version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is haunting. She's playing in St Germain en Laye next weekend so if I don't have to babysit, I'll try and go along.

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