Sunday, 23 January 2011

Jazz and poker

The weather's getting cold again. I hope it doesn't start snowing again, I've had enough of snow. Apparently it snowed in Paris for 10 mins yesterday. So with slightly gloomier weather, ive had a slightly more gloomy (well not gloomy, just lazy) weekend. Friday night Anna and I went to a jazz bar by St Michel. Apparently the oldest in Paris - Caveau de la Huchette. You walk into the bar first, which was very empty and we felt a little put out having just paid €14 but downstairs is where the action is in a cave like space. There was a good jazz band playing, everyone sits around the edges of the room waiting to be asked to dance on the dance floor. Mainly middle-aged/older folks who all know how to dance properly. There was one elderly gentlemen, he looked the same age as my grandpa - late 80's - in a yellow and black checked shirt and a black neckerchief who was dancing with such vigour and enthusiasm. It was great. Anna and I tried to join in but neither of us being able to do ballroom dancing, we looked a bit out of place. But we tried. At one point walking through the bar, we walked past an old, very French looking man, who stopped in his tracks to look at us, exclaiming 'Wow wow wow, my god, ahhhhh'! It was so obvious and unashamed, so funny.

Today's been a quiet day, I got up late, found a new route to go running and finished my book, The Swan Thieves. Actually I haven't written a post about books I've read in a while. I'll do that next.
But yesterday evening was great fun. Louise was here as well as Luc, so we had a grand soirée and I cooked. I cooked two of my favourite dishes - chorizo and pumpkin risotto followed by lemon pudding, both recipes courtesy of my mum. And they seemed to be a success so I was happy. Then we played poker. I love poker, I'm a gambler at heart and get so easily caught up in a game, betting more and more. I lost €6 tonight. Pas beaucoup and what's a little money for a little fun 'ey. One drink in Paris costs more than that. Tout la monde etait fatiquée, Romain and Luc had been djing in Belgium the night before and didn't get to bed til gone 5am. They showed us a video of their night - it was good, I hope they play in Paris soon so I can go and see them!

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