Thursday, 21 October 2010

A mixture of events

Last weekend was quite a quiet one for me. I had a relaxing saturday and then in the evening went out for Sushi with some other au pairs. My first sushi experience and I've got to say I liked it. I remember it alway being a massive deal that it was RAW fish. But in fact it's quite normal for people to eat raw fish anyway, even in the western world. Alors, je l'aime. We then had a little walk to la Tour Eiffel to see it all lit up and sparkling but we didn't end up staying long as it was FREEZING and we were being harassed by a group of youths.

Sunday was a lovely crisp autumn day and I went out for my first bike ride down the Seine along a path where many of the Impressionist painters did their paintings. It was a beautiful ride and there were lots of people, families and other cyclists and runners out. Having not been on a bike for a while it made me remember how much I love cycling. The problem is I get too nervous cycling on roads, especially when I forget to cycle on the right and go round roundabouts the wrong way... I'm trying to see if there's a cycle club nearby. At least it would be harder to make serious road errors if I've got other people to follow.

Only a short post today, like I said it was a quiet weekend. Until next time.


  1. elle how have you never had sushi?!!?!? you need to try tempura rolls and alaskan rolls.. mmmmm, me and lau went for sushi last night so next time your in london we can all go to fugiama for someeee

  2. I definitely will Jade, you've been talking about fugiama for so long! I tried steak tartare tonight! We went to a restaurant and Romain had some and I tried a little. It's not too bad!

  3. I was going to say the same as Jade... How have you not tried sushi? Eel sushi is amazing, you'd think it'd be all squidgy but it's soft and delish.

    "...we were being harassed by a group of youths." Elle this is funny. I love you.