Sunday, 3 October 2010

Museums and another brocante

Yesterday I went to the Musee du Moyen Age with Lydia, which is a museum with all sorts of artefacts from the medieval times. The medieval period is not something I've ever been particularly interested in as a historian, but this museum was really fascinating. It is most famous for a series of tapestries called 'The Lady and the Unicorn' which depicts all the 5 senses and then a final one which is titled 'My soul desire' whose meaning remains ambiguous but is commonly thought to be about love and understanding. They're impressive works, not least because they take years and years to make! The rest of the museum has got some great pieces in it, such detailed, ornate works that it's hard to believe they were made so long ago! After the museum, Lydia and I just had time for a quick afternoon cocktail in St Germain de Pres before I had to get back for babysitting!

This one was my favourite tapestry- La Vue (sight)

Today we had a brocante at L'Etang la Ville. Kirsten and Romain had their own stall in the front garden, as we live right by the market place where the brocante takes place and had some friends round so we had a full day of it. Although the brocante wasn't quite so good as the one Bailly, I still managed to get some good pieces from Kirsten and her friend who gave me a heap of stuff. The one thing I did buy was a lovely coat from my new favourite brand Comptoir des Cotonniers for €30 when it was brand new and had cost €165. A bargain I think, and tres chic. And its back to school tomorrow for more French classes. Today I think I cracked how to use the future tense so I am feeling very pleased. A bientot!

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