Monday, 20 December 2010

Last weekend in Paris before England?

I'm meant to be getting the Eurostar home on Wednesday. I really hope I can. Most of the trains are cancelled and there's massive queues and delays on the ones that are running. So fingers crossed. As great as the family are here, I'd quite like to spend Christmas with mine.

This weekend was the first time that K+R have gone on holiday without the children. So Kaki and Papou and I have been left to look after the children. Luckily it's been surprisingly ok and not too difficult. The children haven't been too sad and they return tomorrow (all being well with the snow!) In fact it's been quite fun. We've done baking and playing and walking. They've even made a little diary to show to K+R of all the things they've done while they've been away. Plus there's obviously Christmas in a fe days which helps distract them. Yesterday we built a snowman in the garden - the mummy - and then her 3 children. The girls had great fun rolling the big balls of snow and finding things in the garden to make their faces with. The snow is great for the children and it does look so beautiful here with all the lovely houses and the forest. Today we went sledging by the stade which Mila in particular thoroughly enjoyed. She was in her element rolling about in the snow, pushing me over, trying to get Saskia more enthusiastic. Saskia is in fact pretty lazy and doesn't like getting dirty or in anyway the slightest bit uncomfortable. She complained of having a sore foot as we were walking home so went in the sledge to be pulled home whereas Mila said 'I've got a sore foot too but it's ok, we'll be home soon!' When she's nice, she's great. Like the rhyme -
There once was a girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good she was very very good, but when she was bad she was horrid.
C'est très intéressant pour regarder les différence entre les deux soeurs. It's also so interesting to see how the grandparents interact and discipline the girls. I've learnt a lot from the few months I've been here and if, IF, I decide to have children I will be so glad that I was an au pair first to help me know the way I want to bring my children up.

I've been speaking only French with the grandparents which has been great for my confidence and for improvement obviously. I've found I can generally get my point across and can hold a conversation. I'm sure it's littered with mistakes but I've got to keep trying 'ey.

Wish me luck for the return voyage!

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