Monday, 6 December 2010

New Discoveries

I finally had a proper weekend in Paris for the first time in about a month. Due to one thing or another I haven't seen any of my friends or done much exciting Paris based things for a while so I finally 'got back on it' this weekend. Although nothing too wild, I'm still just me after all.
Friday night Lydia and I checked out a new bar in Belleville called 'Le Buzz Bar' which was a real success. It had a really nice atmosphere, full of normal young people who weren't pretentious or too chic, and they have free live music downstairs and we saw a hip-hop jazz band who were pretty good. The crowd loved them and were singing along to every song. Frances and her friend came and joined us for the last bit and we all agreed to meet up for brunch on Sunday.

On Saturday I attempted to do christmas shopping but not with much success. I have no idea where to look for presents in Paris, there's too much choice! And everything is trop cher. So if any Parisians know where to get some good presents please let me know.

Sunday was the day of brunch, although it turned out to just be lunch by the time I got there. We were meant to go to a socialist brunch bar near Gare de L'Est but it turned out the socialist deal wasn't on this one time so we found another lovely cafe on the Canal St Martin. I've never been to that area before and it was so nice. It was really tranquil (probably partly to do with the fact it was Sunday im sure) and lots of people and families going for runs and walks and general lovely lazy day things. We had a long lunch debating hot topics like the student protests happening in England, and the worth of our own degrees (there were 2 language students, 2 historians and an art historian amongst us) and our thoughts on living in a foreign country. C'était très sympa. Also worthy of note - in France crumble (as in the pudding) is very fashionable and Lydia ordered one which was the most beautifully presented crumble I have ever seen. Not just dolloped on a plate like you get in England. Plus they used pineapple. Have you ever known pineapple in a crumble before? These Frenchies!
The girls then left to go to Capoeira leaving me and Lydia free to browse the Champs Elysses Christmas Market, which I was actually a bit disappointed by. It had the same stalls over and over, tons of food, lots of hats and gloves stalls and weirdly, lots of stalls selling russian dolls. Not a batch on Bath Christmas Markets with all its variety and nice craft stalls. But the Champs Elysses lit up at night with all its christmas lights is very pretty.

And finally just a little funny story. Kirsten's dad is coming over from New Zealand tomorrow but it's a surprise for Romain. Kirsten had planned to meet up with Romain for lunch tomorrow and surprise him with her dad being there. But she's had to go to extraordinary lengths to get him there because he didn't want to travel all the way into Paris just for lunch. So first she said that her friend from England was coming over, but that didn't convince him so she said that she was bringing someone famous with her. Still sceptical Romain insisted on being told who it was. So, under the on the spot pressure, she said 'Pierce Brosnan'. Huh? Why Pierce Brosnan? Who knows. But somehow she's managed to convince him and the web of deceit is getting bigger and bigger. Her friend is now going out with him - they went to the same drama school apparently. I've had to send texts from my English phone posed as this lady. And Romain's even been 'googling' Pierce and found out he's married and lives in Malibu, so is therefore having a sordid affair with Kirsten's friend. Plus I'm allowed to go and meet him. So I'll let you know how it all pans out. I can't wait!

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  1. Hahaha. What excellent skills of deceit!
    A photo of this crumble is in order now you realise! Do you have snow? It is beautiful here. Going to put some photos of the river up soon. X x