Thursday, 9 December 2010

Pierce Brosnan

So here's a picture for those who wanted to see the French crumble (Alice). Très joli, non?

But really this is just to let you know what happened with Pierce. Kirsten got a phone call on Tuesday night from Romain's parents saying that they had accidentally spoiled the surprise. Romain had been talking to his dad on the phone when in the background his mum said 'Oo has Graham arrived yet?' They tried to cover it up but he still realised. But strangely he didn't put the two and two together and think 'Oh this is Kirsten's surprise'. Yesterday morning he still thought he was going to be meeting Pierce Brosnan for lunch. He even chose his best tie and told his work colleagues. Some friends were even thinking of coming along for the meal! So he was a little surprised, although not disappointed, I should say, to see Kirsten's dad instead. He came home that evening and said 'My wife is a liar!' Haha, Kirsten's not going to let him live that for a long long long time. Although actually she was pretty convincing especially the night before, I can kind of understand why he believed it. We had a lovely evening last night having a long diner with Kirsten's dad, lots of lovely food and wine. Oh and champagne. We always have champagne. I'm definitely learning to actually enjoy wine these days.

The snow is beautiful here. It snowed all day yesterday, I'd say it was a good 20cm thick. Saskia and I built a good snowman yesterday. Mila refused. Strange child. Another example of her weird ways of rebelling against me I think. Also had a horrendous big French test this morning. Although I've realised that as I'm just not disciplined enough to really work hard, I'll just accept that I'm just going to learn slowly, but have a good time while I'm at it.

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