Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Failed Outing

I woke up this morning very early (6:45) because I had planned to go to Giverny where Monet's gardens are. However when I arrived at the gare it turned out I'd made a mistake and the train I was going to catch doesn't actually run on Sundays. Which meant I would then miss the connecting train from St Lazare. Tant pis pour moi. And the next train apparently wasn't until 12:20 ( I have since found out this isn't true but I'll brush over that because it makes me cross). I walked back home to find the rest of the family awake and about to get ready to go to a brocante at Chavenay so I decided to go with them as at least like that it wouldn't be a waste of my day and my early start. It is meant to be one of the best brocantes and in a very beautiful village. It was very charmant and it was pretty enormous. I managed to find a couple of things - there was a stall devoted to brand new Kookai clothes at cheap prices. The girls were the real winners though, they came back with a mini telescope, a few toys and a microphone which they've been singing into in the garden and making an terrible racket. How can children continue doing the same thing and making the same annoying noise for 15 minutes and not get annoyed themselves. This microphone has got a horrible reverb thing going on and I think we are going to sorely regret this purchase.

This afternoon it's the final of Roland Garros between Federer and Nadal which I think we might watch here on the big screen. I'm rooting for Federer as it's about time he won this competition and he's probably one of the nicest men in sport. But I don't mind if it's Nadal, he's a god. Plus he's only 2 years older than me which I find très impressionant.

I haven't written this for a while, I've been doing lots of things and keep forgetting to update so I might try and do a backdate of what I've been up to. Seeing as I haven't gone to Giverny today : ( I suppose I've got some free time to let you know what else I've been up to. Here goes.

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