Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Swimming with Frogs

So yet another long weekend in France. And this time we took the opportunity to go to the wine region of Bourgogne. We set off on Friday night straight after work with a full car of 7 people, 3 bikes on the back and a roof box. Well prepared indeed. We were booked into stay in a lovely looking gite near Beaune which said it was a big country house with a big garden and swimming pool. So when we pulled into a normal looking house in a residential street we were a bit surprised. Just as we were about to barge on into the house K looked again at the address and realised we were in the wrong village - the GPS had in fact taken us to the wrong place. This is one of the reasons I will always use a normal map - so much more reliable. We all clambered back into the car and had to drive another 12km to find our house but it was so worth it. Even at night time it was an impressive entrance. Big gates led into an impressive driveway with a big plant covered house on one side and barns on the other. Walking into the house it only got better. Huge rooms with enormous fireplaces, beautiful artwork and mis-matched furniture - it certainly had a WOW factor.

In the morning we got to see the gardens which had 3 cherry trees, a raspberry plant, a herb garden, an apple tree and probably more undiscovered fruit plants. And then the swimming pool. Not just any old swimming pool but a NATURAL swimming pool. Not quite sure how it works but it looks like a pond and there is no chlorine in it. It was so nice. 

I had a little swim in it after lunch - it was pretty cold but too hard to resist. Especially as there were fish and frogs in the pool. Now isn't that what you've always wanted - never mind dolphins - swimming with frogs is the new black.

We spent the morning wandering around the market in Beaune which was fantastic. I love French markets - the produce is always beautiful to look at and seems so authentic. We stocked up on plenty of fruit and veg and tons of meat.  That is the problem with this year - every weekend there is something special going on so it's another excuse to eat plenty of delicious food, or over-indulging. And this goes for alcohol too. I have had a very good education in wine this year and this was topped off this weekend by visiting 2 of the wine chateaux of the region. Have you ever visited one before? You get to wander around the wine cellars and see thousands of old, dusty bottles. Then you come to the end and you have a degustation or a wine tasting. We tried €50 bottles of wine. And they give you nearly half a glass full of up to 7 different wines. Not bad huh.

Sunday morning I went in a HELICOPTER!! The 2 girls and I had an 8 minute tour round Beaune from the air. A special treat paid for by Kirsten's parents. We even had to wear the big headphones and spoke to each other through the little microphone. I felt like a journalist or Blue Peter presenter. 

Aren't I spoiled?

Also, 6music has just introduced me to Hollie Cook, such good summer music. Have a listen:

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  1. Your au pair family do seem really lovely, you really seem like a part of the family!