Sunday, 5 June 2011

French Holidays

In France there seems to always be jour feriés, know to us as bank holidays. This week there was yet another one on Thursday which meant everyone thought they might as well take Friday off as well making ti a 4 day weekend. Schools were closed, businesses were closed and I get 5 days off. What a life. There's another one next Monday as well which means we're taking a trip to Beaune for the weekend. But this week I've had a nice time relaxing around Paris. I've done lots of wandering, mainly around places I already know but seeing them in a more relaxed manner. Clare and the girls also took me to an amazing little takeaway pizza place by Gare de Lyon. It's just one man working all himself and he makes them fresh there and then, nothing pre-made. You pay €5 for a pizza or €6 for a big one to share and they are incredible. I'd say as good as if not better than Firenze ones (the Italian restaurant where I used to work. Sorry Bruno). Clare and I shared one with creme fraiche and smoked salmon on. Definitely my new favourite pizza. We sat up on the viaduct eating them in the evening light and afterwards Emma took us to her flat where her housemate breeds pedigree cats. One of the mummies had recently had a litter of kittens - all tiny and white and we got to hold them!! Ee they were so cute and they fitted in the palm of our hands. I love kittens so much. I can't decide between having a cat or a ferret when I have my own house. Ideally a ferret but a cat is probably more practical. And maybe less smelly.

Then yesterday I met up with my old housemate Jo who is visiting for the weekend with her friend. We did a big walking tour of Paris through the Marais to Notre Dame through St Germain des Pres, lunched in the Jardin de Luxembourg and then went to Musée d'Orsay before ending up in the Latin Quarter for dinner. All in the stifling heat. I think it's just under 30 degrees here and it has been for a while now. It's ridiculous - the temperatures are those of high summer and yet it's the beginning of June. It's beautiful but all I want to do is be by the beach or in a pool and I unfortunately have neither of those near by.


  1. Better than a Firenze pizza? Really? REALLY Elle?!

  2. I knew you'd comment! I'm sorry but they were fantastic and it's been a long time since I had one of Bruno's so yes, currently, they're better.